Parent Meeting.
A parent meeting i
s fundamental part of JFPS. This will criticize in all respect (positive and negative). Parents will is a pillar of JFP S structure. JFPS cannot run without it.

Result Announcement (Chief Guest)
After Final Examination, Result will be announced. A chief guest will there prize distribution.
Chief Guest for  Session 2010-11 is Brigadier (Rtd). Dr. Raja Shabbir Hussain
Passing out Parade/Prize Distribution.
Passing out Parade will be conducted by Chief Guest (Honourable Guest) on Prize Distribution Ceremony.
Muskan Shahzadi is acting as a Parade Commanger Class-II.

Handing Over JFPS Flag Ceremony.
Senior class will have the Honour of JFPS Flag. On the final examination when the senior class will pass out and junior class become senior then JFPS flag handing ceremony will be conducted.
National Days:
All Nation Days will be celebrated accordingly.
Extra Activities:
            Islamic Lectures/Debates.
            Punjabi Takra.
            Local Musical Show / Dramatic Club.
            Art & Drawing.

 JFPS Magazine

This magazine will be published annually in two sections (English & Urdu) and contains articles and essay bye the students. The students will participate in it. Student will write their interesting poems/historical places/ Stories and Dialogue in English/Urdu. This magazine will be issued a copy. The students are however, required to pay for the magazine.
JFPS Future Plan:
Al-Hamadullah JFPS has the vision and mission to see JFPS as a University in future. It is uppermost duty JFPS become a university step by step. This dream will come true with your cooperation, confidence and moral support. If JFPS become a university then City Chichawatni will be most lucky for education. Our student will not struck of their education either General or professional.
Positioning Strategy:
            There will be an Entry Test for every class before admission. Who will qualify the Initial Test. That student will get admission in JFPS, sorry for failure. This test will clear his/her progress while entering in JFPS and progress on passing out parade. The difference will warn JFPS Management/Parents either the JFPS is performing its duties with keen interest or fail to do whatsoever its missions or student could not adjust himself/herself with JFPS.