JFPS Facilities  

Library has an important role in academic life of school. The fundamental role the library being educational, it should not be operated in mere store of books, but as a dynamic instrument of education.
The facility of book bank is also available to the JFPS students who can procure books on very reason able prices.
Computer Lab.
To develop and generate awareness about computer education JFPS established a computer Lab. The classes for the first batch has bee started. It is one of the largest, latest and modern computer lab. in region to prepare students for successful life. JFPS computer department has modern lab. with latest computers. This I.T lab. has been established providing facility of 10 computers. All the computers are connected through a net work system. To ensure their maximum exposure to the use of computing techniques in business all the students have ready and easy access to computers.
Online Testing System:
Cadets' Education System is launched a Online Testinig System to the student could face any problem in his/her higher
after leaving this school.
English Language Lab:
Most of students hesitate to speak and understand English. They think it is very difficult for us. Due to this negligence they could not approach for higher education.
English Language is International Langue we could not deny it. We could not close our eyes to escape from English and it is also impossible for us to develop ourselves. So by looking through this basic problem JFPS managed/launched an English Language System from Nursery Class.
JFPS has established an English Language Lab, where students will learn how to speak English and how to understand pronunciation so, students able to speak English fluently.
JFPS Accommodation
JFPS at present has a campus rooms for boarding students. Accommodation can be increased by increasing the students. Accommodation is facilitated with proper lightening, ventilation at standard requirements.

JFPS Mess:
JFPS Mess is for boarding students or those students whose parents are willing to stay the child for second time. The mess is run by the mutual co-operation of the students.
JFPS Transport:
JFPS will provide transport facility pick and drop in response of reasonable charges, so the students get education in better way.
Medical Facility:
JFPS is facilitated with Medical First Aid. Consultation and advisory health services are available for the students. A child specialist will visit the JFPS periodically for medical exam of students.