JFPS Timings

JFPS Class Timings (Credit Hours):
Daily schedule is drawn up with a view to make optimum utilization of time. The routine programme strives to ensure that adequate time is provided for the development of all facts of a student’s personality and abilities. As such equal stress is laid on academic as well as spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and extra-curricular activities.
1st Shift     7:30 am          to         01:00 pm
2nd Shift:    4:00 pm          to         6:00 pm (if)
Ist Shift:      8:00 am          to         01:30 pm
2nd Shift:    4:00 pm          to         6:00 pm (if)
Messing Timings:       
Breakfast (Boarding Students)               
6:00 pm         to         06: 50 pm
Lunch (Boarding/Optional Students)       
1:00 pm        to         02: 00 pm
Dinner (Boarding Students)    
8:30 pm        to         09:30 pm
Study Hours:    (Boarding Students)  
9:30 pm         to        10:30 pm