Laws and Regulations:
No student shall
ü      Utter, do, or propagate any thing repugnant to Islam within and outside the precincts of the JFPS.
ü      Say or do anything which might adversely affect the honour and prestige of Pakistan, the JFPS teachers and his/her educational institution.
ü      Organize or hold any function in the Institution except in accordance with the prescribed rules/regulations.
ü      Indulge in immoral activities, use indecent language, wear immodest dress, make indecent remarks, jokes or remake indecent remarks, jokes or gestures or behave in an improper manner.
ü      Are not allowed transistors, video games etc.
ü      Unauthorized medicines.
ü      Money (other than authorized pocket money).
ü      Valuables.
ü      Cause disturbance to others.
ü      Keep or carry weapons, narcotics, immoral or subversive literature.
ü      Students may be suspended from the rolls of class or may be fined.
ü      A student may be rusticated /expelled, or asked to withdraw from the JFPS in the manners hereinafter mentioned.
ü      A student expelled from JFPS will not be readmitted.
ü      Cheating, lying, stealing and immoral conduct.
ü      Keeping fire – Arms, or knives etc.
ü      Continuously give a poor performance in academics.
ü      Smoking.
ü      A student re-admitted in special case and will not be granted admission before the expiry of one academic year from the date of expulsion.
Code of Honour:
   i.      All the students must have faith in and respect for the ideology of Pakistan.
 ii.      All students must in matters of religion respect the convictions of others.
iii.      Every student is expected to be loyal to Pakistan.
iv.      Protect the property of the JFPS. 
 v.      Show due respect to elders, teachers and outside visitors.
vi.      Work hard and cooperate in completing the courses of study with in the prescribed period.